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Beverages In Bags

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What are B.I.B.s?



Tired of boring mixed drinks? BIBs signature cocktails is the best party favor for your drinking pleasure. 

Whether you’re planning a party, tailgate, business meeting, or chilling by yourself , we got you covered. BIBs brings people together for fun times. It’s the time where friends all turn up together! 

The bag is just the beginning. On the outside, we customize each label to add to your perfect event. While on the inside, we create unique handcrafted gourmet mixes made with premium ingredients. 

The concept is convenient, safe, and of course... fun. 

BIBs are so good, you’ll literally never put your drink down.  We can’t wait to see how you hold your B.I.B. 📷🏼🤟🏾📷🏽📷🏿🤙 #TheDrinkYouNeverPutDown

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We provide alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for your events


All Original Recipes. Must call for customization and ordering process of mix

Meet the Founders

Lashunda Griffin


Dr. Summer Allen


How we came to be

Our Story

 As a group of friends that love to travel, have fun, and drink, we've always hated the inconvenience of cups. After traveling to New Orleans and experiencing yet again, the annoyance of carrying cups, the fear of someone putting something in our drinks and the fear of missing out (FOMO), B.I.B.s was born!

We have all been victim of a spilled drink, and often had to have a designated friend to watch our cups if someone wanted to go to the restroom or wanted to turn up on the dance floor. We wanted a safe and more convenient way to have fun without the inconvenience of sitting on the sidelines watching our friends. (Sad Face)

B.I.B.s. provide hands-free drinking fun. You can stay connected with friends in person and on social without ever putting your drink down. B.I.B.s. is for the social drinker in all of us! 

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Beverages In Bags

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